NLGN and Collaborate Conference

Place-Based Health: From Services to Systems

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This event will explore how we can make the strategic shift from providing separate and inefficient services to fully integrated systems.

The Place-based Health Commission’s final report, Get Well Soon, advocated moving towards an integrated system of care that puts people at the centre. There has been some change in the months since the report’s launch, not least the implementation of STP plans.

However, progress remains variable. The challenge is not just to be financially and clinically sustainable, but to enable a fundamental shift to approaching health as a social movement with community wellbeing at its heart. It’s clear more can and should be done.

This conference will bring together senior professionals from the health, local government and third sectors, to discuss how we can continue to work towards a shared vision of place-based health. We’ll consider current successes and how we can continue to overcome barriers to integration.