The future of London civil society: A strategic dialogue between local government and the funding community
26 September, 2016

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We know that the relationship between civil society and local government is changing. Funding cuts to local services have exacerbated existing gaps in provision and created new ones which affect many of the groups that civil society exists to support. Voluntary organisations are simultaneously finding themselves sucked into areas that were once regarded as largely statutory and finding that councils want to spend less money with larger organisations. Efficiency sometimes seems to be crowding out innovation.

A few London authorities have sought imaginative ways to actively reshape their relationship with civil society, and some VCS organisations have responded positively. But on the whole, it is widely accepted that there is a leadership vacuum on this issue. NLGN therefore proposes a project in partnership with London Funders which will spark a high-level discussion about the future relationship between the two sectors. This will bring together key officials from local government and the funding community, politicians and trustees.