NLGN Roundtable

Collaborating for Better Housing

How housing associations and councils can collaborate to build more & better homes

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For decades, not enough homes have been built in England. We now need around 220,000 new homes per year to meet need. Councils and housing associations have shared interests in increasing housing supply, but each face shared and individual challenges to doing so. As a result, they are both proactively looking for new ways to deliver homes, including collaborating to improve the quantity and quality of homes built. There are also more specific benefits from closer partnership: improved access to finance and land; revenue returns to enable future investment; regeneration of existing stock; and providing more affordable housing.

This roundtable will bring together leading figures in local government and housing associations to discuss questions including:

  • What options for collaboration exist and what opportunities and benefits can they offer?
  • How can we identify and overcome the barriers and risks to closer collaboration and greater success?
  • Where is successful collaboration already taking place and what lessons can be learnt?
Join us for our roundtable discussion which provides a great opportunity to network with peers. A light lunch will also be served.

The findings from this event will form part of our research for an upcoming report due to be launched later this year.