NLGN Roundtable

Public Health: What Does Good Look Like?

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The upcoming removal of the ringfence for public health budgets poses a serious challenge for local government. Now that councils have public health responsibility, however, there are opportunities for its integration with other local services. Factors as varied as transport, housing, and planning affect people’s health. While progress on this front has been made, there is scope for improving public health outcomes through place-based collaboration.

NLGN and The Health Foundation are bringing together leading figures in local government and the health sector for this roundtable. The findings from this event will form part of our research for an upcoming report due to be launched later this year.

We’ll be discussing the integration of public health with local services and explore key questions including:

  • How well is public health integrating with other council-led services?
  • Where is innovation in the public health sphere happening?
  • What is the potential for further transformation?

Join us for our discussion with expert speakers and a great opportunity to network with peers. A light lunch will also be served.