Research Roundtable

Community Commissioning: What would a new model look like?

In partnership with Local Trust

In the context of continuing resource reductions for local government, the traditional role of the council as service provider and community as simply a recipient has diminishing returns. Councils are increasingly seeking ways of involving the community more directly in services to increase prevention and ensure sustainability. There is developing interest in allocating budgets directly to communities, and green shoots of such practice are emerging within some councils.

But what would a more ambitious model of community-led commissioning look like in practice? Together with Local Trust, NLGN is undertaking a research project to explore the case for a more comprehensive approach to how people themselves could have more say over how budgets are spent commissioning. You can read more about the ideas behind this project in our recent blog here.

This workshop will bring together key stakeholders for focused discussion on the principles and practicalities. Places at this event are invite-only.