LGA Conference

NLGN at LGA Conference 2019

NLGN is delighted to present our exciting fringe event series happening at this year’s Local Government Association Conference in Bournemouth. We look forward to welcoming senior officers and councillors at our programme of invitation-only breakfasts and dinner discussions.

All events are free to attend, but spaces are limited, and these events are invitation-only. You do not have to be a delegate at the LGA Conference to attend. To request a place, please email rsvp@nlgn.org.uk with the name of the event you would like to attend.

Women in Leadership: Advancing equality at the top

Dinner, Monday 1 July, 19:00

The number of women working in councils has outnumbered men at more than 3:1. But this ratio is reversed when it comes to leadership positions, and the pattern holds for elected positions too. So, how can we remove obstacles to female leadership?

This private dinner is a vital opportunity for men and women, both members across all parties and senior officers, to come together to discuss how we can advance equality at the top. Questions for consideration include:

  • How we can convert interested women into a high number of female leadership figures;
  • How to identify and support the leaders of tomorrow from an early stage; and
  • How to provide more opportunities for women of colour and differently-abled women.


Tackling Rising Demand in Social Care: The role of the community

Breakfast, Tuesday 2 July, 08:00
In partnership with Power to Change

Councils across the UK are facing the challenge of rising demand in social care. In the context of ever shrinking budgets, getting to grips with – and stemming – the tide has never been of such importance. But what is the role of the community in reducing the unprecedented pressure on local authorities today?

With the work of both Power to Change and NLGN at its core, discussion will focus upon how community networks and businesses are key to sustainably tackling demand in social care. By bringing together members across all parties and senior officers, this event provides a rare and valuable opportunity to explore in details examples of best practice and share insights for success in this field. Questions for discussion include:

  • What barriers hinder collaboration with community partners from a council perspective;
  • Where are there further opportunities to work closer with communities and how do local authorities build these relationships;
  • What is the role of cross-sector partnerships, particularly with the third sector, in this agenda; and
  • What support do community networks and businesses need to be active participants in this agenda.


The Council of the Future: A convenor, catalyst and culture change leader

Dinner, Tuesday 2 July, 19:00
In partnership with FutureGov

Designed in previous eras, public services today are unable to cope with the rising demand pressures they face. In the context of shrinking budgets, councils are looking to radical, innovative approaches to meet this unprecedented challenge. Efforts to integrate public services, mobilise communities and build inspiring visions of place are all pointing towards a completely different role for the council as convenor, catalyst and culture change leader.

At this high-level dinner, discussion will focus on the precise nature of this new role and what it means for organisational culture, workforce skills, and digital transformation. The change required is radical, the risks of failure are high, but there is great practice already underway from which we can learn. This dinner will be an opportunity to hear from those making the necessary changes and share your own experience.

Mobilising the Power of Community: An opportunity to share, learn and make it happen

Breakfast, Wednesday 3 July, 08:00
In partnership with Locality and Lloyds Bank Foundation for England and Wales

People in the UK have expressed a clear desire for more control over their lives, and public services need to shift towards prevention if they are to be sustainable in the future. So, what are the conditions for the power of communities to be mobilised, to take on more independence and ownership? Using Locality’s Keep it Local Campaign and NLGN’s Community Paradigm as the basis for local community action, this session will explore how communities are doing this already and share insights for success.

This high-level breakfast is an opportunity to bring together members across all parties and senior officers to explore the issues around community mobilisation. In doing so, it provides a vital platform to share, learn from one another and progress the agenda. Some questions for discussion include:

  • Where are there successful examples of community mobilisation;
  • What are the opportunities and challenges of collaborating with community partners from a council perspective; and
  • How are members already harnessing the power of community.


All events are free to attend, but places are limited. To confirm your attendance email rsvp@nlgn.org.uk with the name of the event you would like to attend.