Call for evidence! We need your examples of community power in action
Grace Pollard, Senior Policy Researcher, NLGN, 22 January, 2020


There’s a quiet revolution on the frontline of public services, in the voluntary sector and in communities up and down the country – power and resources are being put into the hands of people so they can come together to solve the problems that matter most to them. We need your help to map and understand these emerging community-led approaches.

In our work on the Community Paradigm, we’ve been bringing together and writing about this cutting-edge practice: from the innovative Wigan Deal, where the council and the people of Wigan agreed to all play their part in making the borough a better place to live and work in, to Durham County Council’s programme of participatory budgeting through its Area Action Partnership structure. These are the kinds of projects providing genuine opportunities for communities to play a leading role in shaping the places they live in and the services they need.

Here at NLGN, community power is at the heart of our research programme. Our latest project will draw together case-studies from across the UK, where community-led approaches have been taken to delivering public services.

We want to tell the story so far – what has been happening on the ground; the outcomes, successes, and challenges; and what can be learnt and shared. By bringing this work together, we want to build an evidence base to strengthen the case for handing more power to communities, giving them the tools they need to solve their own problems and inspiring others to do the same.

Much of this work is only just beginning, and we know that many pilots, projects and programmes in the UK are in their infancy. So we will also draw on international evidence, looking at the outcomes and learning from more established community-led projects.

We plan to publish the findings from this project in the summer and we will also be sharing our insights along the way.

We know that our network is at the cutting edge of much of this work – please do get in touch if you have any case-studies you would like to share or if you would like to hear more about the project. You can email Grace at We’re collecting case studies until 6 March.