Innovation Exchange Programme

Making the Member-Officer Relationship Work

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Little can be more damaging to the success of a council than a negative relationship between senior members and senior officers. On the other hand, a positive, focused relationship can drive real change and improved outcomes. As such, no council can afford to overlook strategies to improve and maintain the health of member-officer relationships particularly in an era of growing political volatility, social media interaction and resident demands. This Innovation Exchange will explore how councils are getting ahead of the curve to ensure positive member-officer relationships in a rapidly changing time.

Suggested attendees: Monitoring Officers and those with strategic responsibility for corporate strategy, member relations, organisational transformation, performance.

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Participation is exclusive and free to NLGN members.

Unique to the sector, these day-long events are 100% peer led. The confidential and safe environment, expertly facilitated by NLGN staff, encourages senior officers from across the country to candidly and constructively explore the challenges they face. Participants return to their council with fresh ideas, useful contacts and a deeper understanding of the issues for which they have responsibility.

“Do not miss an NLGN Innovation Exchange – I came back to my council with fresh insights, practical ideas for implementation and a brand new network of people in exactly the same boat as me” Joanna Ruffle, Director of Transformation, Southend Council

In keeping with government guidelines on COVID-19 we are moving all Innovation Exchanges to online platforms for the foreseeable future for the health and safety of our members, partners and staff.

We are working with our partners to deliver the same peer-led, intense and in-depth learning experience straight to wherever you are.

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