About NLGN

What is NLGN? A bunch of wonks producing reports and events from an office? Sometimes.

A committed group of organisations working together to improve public services? Yep.

A unique forum for bringing together public and private sectors? That too.

We’re all those things, but none of them really captures our fundamental mission, which is to bring together the best in our sector to create a brighter future for local government.

It’s a mission our members believe in. In fact over 95% of them say that NLGN is influential in shaping thinking around local government. Equally, 95% are likely to recommend membership to a peer.

At NLGN our job is to work with councils, private businesses, third sector organisations and anyone who has an interest in making local public services better. We help councils and their partners to step back from the daily grind and look to the horizon.

The thing that makes us special is our network. We build real, meaningful relationships with our partners because that’s the only way we can deliver work that’s both imaginative and grounded.

And it works. Two thirds of our members told us they had done something different in the past year as a direct result of our work.

Our research always aims to challenge without drifting off into impractical blue skies thinking. Much of our work is moving beyond the classic research and report template towards innovative new participative methodologies that bring the collective brainpower of our membership.

Our deep engagement with the sector is also the source of our authority to challenge national policy. We‘re frequently called on to advise government on everything from city deals to neighbourhood community budgets.

NLGN is working in partnership to build the councils of the future. Get involved.