Elected Mayors

Directly Elected Mayors

NLGN has long followed the development of the directly elected mayor agenda in the UK, viewing the model as a possible means of bringing about the modernisation of local government and strengthening local leadership and civic engagement.

Following the formal introduction of the mayoral option in the Local Government Act 2000, NLGN supported and advised local mayoral campaigns and tracked local developments. Since the election of the ‘First Eleven’ mayors in May and October 2002, NLGN has worked with the new mayors to understand and disseminate the lessons of the mayoral model in practice.

The Mayoral Forum

With eleven directly elected mayors in place, NLGN has established a Mayoral Forum to offer practical support to this group, to facilitate regular meetings, learning and peer support for the mayors, and to disseminate the key messages and lessons to stakeholder groups in including central and local government, media and the public.
The Forum is concerned with the development of relationships between mayors, chief executives, other senior officers and key agencies; responding to needs and requirements arising from regular discussions on policy and strategy; and ‘action learning’ through collective visits by the elected mayors to one another’s authorities.

Media enquiries to Philip Baker on 020 7469 2665

Dave Hodgson, Bedford BC
Liberal Democrat

Peter Davies, Doncaster MBC
English Democrats

Stuart Drummond, Hartlepool BC

Jules Pipe, LB Hackney

Steve Bullock, LB Lewisham

Sir Robin Wales, LB Newham

Tony Eggington, Mansfield DC

Ray Mallon, Middlesbrough Council

Linda Arkley, North Tyneside MBC

Nicholas Bye, Torbay

Dorothy Thornhill, Watford BC
Liberal Democrat

Source: New Local Government Network, November 2009