NLGN Testimonials

Warwickshire County Council

“Warwickshire are pleased to consider NLGN one of our regular partners in trying to plan for an uncertain future during the austerity period impacting on the Public Sector. For example my Cabinet and Senior Management Team used the gaming model developed by NLGN to look at the budget/service pressures facing a County Council into the future.

“It’s always difficult trying to predict future scenarios but we do find NLGN willing to delve into the ‘unknown’ in search of potential solutions where the tried and tested are probably no longer going to viable. There are a large number of Local Authorities working with NLGN and that affiliation allows the generation of ideas between us in developing our collective strategies. It is evident to me that the future solutions lie with the sector leaders and it will be the innovations we produce which will get us through this difficult period. NLGN understand that and are prepared to take these forward, seeking to influence the thinking at national level.

“I would encourage other Local Authorities to work with us in generating these ideas so that we can fashion new Local Authority models fit for the future.”

Cllr Izzy Seccombe, Leader of the Council

Staffordshire County Council

“As leaders of place and public services we face many complex challenges and opportunities as we look to deliver the best outcomes for our residents.

“Our relationship with the NLGN has been hugely beneficial, whether it be helping to shape our pioneering work to empower our residents and communities or helping us develop a shared vision with partners. They bring a fresh and often challenging perspective about the future of public services and we look forward to a fruitful relationship in 2017.”

Philip Atkins OBE, Leader of the Council

Essex County Council

“We seek three things from the NLGN. First, its work must be relevant to our agendas. Second, its thinking must push boundaries, challenging us to approach issues in new ways and generating fresh insights. Third, its outputs must be useful – they must go beyond being interesting to being of practical consequence. It is not easy to deliver against all three of these criteria but NLGN has a habit of doing that time and again.

“In an age of uncertainty, NLGN reliably delivers fresh, engaging and practical insight that strengthens our ability to challenge orthodoxy.”

Gavin Jones, Chief Executive

Darlington Borough Council

“Access to ideas, experience and collaborative learning has never been more important as we wrestle with the ongoing challenge of declining resources and rising demand. NLGN provides many such opportunities and is valued here for the focused and action oriented work it does.”

Ada Burns, Chief Executive