Research and Policy Development

In depth research and new policy development sits at the heart of NLGN as it seeks to promote devolution and innovative service transformation at the local level. With expertise across a range of qualitative and quantitative methods, the research team conducts analysis into the full spectrum of local public policy areas, democracy and governance and management and performance.

Grounded in input from its networks, local authorities, Whitehall, all major political parties and public and third sector partners, NLGN research seeks to understand challenges facing local policy makers and develop solutions through innovative research techniques.

NLGN has a successful history of working with partners on a wide range of research projects, including local authorities, and private and third sector organisations.

Our research is designed and carried out so as to make a direct contribution to enhancing local public services and to encourage thriving, accountable and influential local democratic institutions. In recent years, NLGN has led thinking and influenced a range of emerging policy proposals including public service reform, sub-regional working, community well-being and financing arrangements.