Events Officer January 8, 2016

The Events Officer will work closely with NLGN’s External Affairs Team to deliver our comprehensive events programme including conferences, roundtables, report launches and public debates. While you’ll report to the Network and Events Manager, you will have considerable responsibility in ensuring the successful end to end delivery of each event. Alongside day-to-day preparation and organisation […]

Merry Christmas local government December 17, 2015

Merry Christmas. I know it might not feel like there’s a lot to celebrate. The New Year will bring more cuts to services that are already creaking under the strain of the past five years. You face a huge challenge to reform your services and save money, and you have very little thinking capacity to […]

Merry Christmas  local government
A Piece of Cake Simon Parker, Director, NLGN, December 7, 2015

In one sense, George Osborne’s Spending Review confirmed what we already knew. Local government will take fairly steep cuts and be forced to rely far more on the resources it can generate from the local economy. But what appears to be continuity is actually masking some very significant shifts in government attitudes. The biggest of […]

A Piece of Cake
A long term economic plan for local government? Jessica Studdert, Deputy Director, NLGN, November 25, 2015

So now we know. Local government must prepare for Revenue Support Grant (RSG) to more than halve from £11.5bn this year to £5.4bn by the end of the decade. The Chancellor’s plans are complex. While RSG will be phased out, Osborne claims that overall local spending will actually rise in cash terms as a result […]

A long term economic plan for local government?
Is this really Devolution? Hywel Lloyd, Independent advisor to local government and Director of Facilitating the Future., November 23, 2015

Localism? Devolution? power to the people? Oh well…sadly much of the current devolution debate is as far from power to the people as ever. As Parliament debates the Cities and Local Government Devolution Bill in Committee it continues a long history of argument about the economic potential of the UK, while ignoring the importance of […]

Is this really Devolution?
Better Data is the key to local economic growth Penny Osborne, Consultant, November 19, 2015

Devolution brings with it the chance for regions to do more to stimulate local economies. But to get the most bang for their buck, they need to look closely at the data before they get excited about more offices, factories, houses, bricks, concrete and steel. This may sound paradoxical. But infrastructure and buildings are not […]

Better Data is the key to local economic growth
The Spending Review: Reform? Devolution? Efficiency? Jessica Studdert, Deputy Director, NLGN, November 16, 2015

The state will not get smarter if reform itself is not done smartly. Unless the Spending Review meets the scale of the challenge, there is a risk that constrained local public services increasingly are only able to provide ‘less for less’.

The Spending Review: Reform? Devolution? Efficiency?