Come Together August 3, 2007

Dr Victoria Barbary, Researcher, NLGN Progress PCTs need more freedom to collaborate with local councils Primary Care Trusts were introduced in 2002 to increase local freedom and decision-making power in health provision, reduce health inequalities and improve community health. Many PCTs, however, have struggled to fulfil these roles because they have been in an almost […]

Chips down, bottom up July 31, 2007

James Hulme, Head of Communications, NLGN Progress Local communities should have a decisive say in how they regenerate The Government’s recent announcement to review the building of a supercasino in Manchester marks the end of a very British controversy. While these dens of gambling might be welcome in other parts of Europe and America, plans […]

Time to rethink local flooding solutions July 30, 2007

Chris Leslie, Director, NLGN Yorkshire Post It is hard to overstate the upheaval and upset caused to thousands of families by the flooding across the country in recent weeks. The disruption to the ordinary routines of individuals and businesses is compounded by the chaos affecting event and service planning, not to mention the sudden demand […]

The governance of Britain July 9, 2007

Chris Leslie Westminster and Whitehall World To paraphrase a former Prime Minister, this is not the time for soundbites, but perhaps the hand of history is on our shoulder. Constitutional reform, so long seen as the obsession for ‘hobbyists’ like myself, is suddenly a major political issue and one on which the new Prime Minister […]

Yorkshire’s new friends in the corridors of power? July 9, 2007

Chris Leslie, Director Yorkshire Post We live in interesting times, and this is certainly true for Doncaster MP Caroline Flint who last week was handed the auspicious job of ‘Minister for Yorkshire and the Humber’ by Prime Minister Gordon Brown. A newly created post, our Regional Minister will have wide ranging responsibilities, batting for Yorkshire […]

Councils’ hold the key to integration June 22, 2007

Owen Dallison, Researcher Regeneration and Renewal Immigration can bring economic, social and cultural benefits to the UK, but only if immigrant communities are integrated and welcomed into our cities, towns and villages. Integration into the fabrics of our society – workplaces, pubs, schools, sports groups, festivals, local events – will provide the most likely route […]

A new approach to a new team June 21, 2007

Chris Leslie, Director LGC So how should the local government family greet the new Prime Minister? Setting aside the partisan bouquets and brickbats, it is the newness of the top of Government that will provoke the most interesting challenges. A decade of Blair has led to a degree of familiarity over policy, style, and personalities […]

Options for bus reform June 7, 2007

James MacGregor, Senior Researcher The Transport Times The coming Local Transport Bill could bring a conclusion to the long-running debate about how to provide bus services. Despite the present government’s reforms, the controversial privatisation and deregulation of buses in the 1980s continues to shape the landscape. The effects of this legislation have been mixed. Private […]