Will Councils have pride in Lyons? March 22, 2007

Chris Leslie, Director, New Local Government Network Yorkshire Post For over two years now a little known group of civil servants and policy specialists have been beavering away in an attic room in Whitehall, led by a former council chief executive, grappling with grandiose concepts of devolution, local democracy and life as we know it. […]

Brown’s Future is Real March 15, 2007

Dick Sorabji, Deputy Director, NLGN LGC The Comprehensive Spending Review 2007 (CSR07) is likely to be Gordon Brown’s final act as Chancellor. Like biennial Spending Reviews CSR07 will set service spending levels three years ahead. But CSR07 goes much further, deciding government priorities over the next 10 years. This in turn is based on an […]

Redesigning Regionalism March 5, 2007

Chris Leslie, Director, NLGN Yorkshire Post Following the ‘no’ vote in the north east’s referendum on an elected regional assembly three years ago, a question mark has hung over the way bigger decisions affecting our economy should be made across Yorkshire and the other English regions. Quite rightly, most issues can and should be left […]

Economical with the locality? March 1, 2007

Chris Leslie, Director, NLGN The MJ Can the public sector really influence whether economic growth occurs, or whether a community is regenerated, or whether jobs are created? Many see public policy in this regard as more of an “art” than “science”, and while clearly it is enterprise and business that choose to employ or lay […]

Gordon’s New Machinery of Government? February 23, 2007

Chris Leslie, Director, NLGN Public Servant The imminent transition from Blair to Brown has sparked increasing speculation about the downstream consequences for the machinery of Government, some speculation more frenzied than others. If Gordon Brown acted so swiftly with Bank of England independence the day he assumed office at the Treasury, wouldn’t this suggest even […]

Yorkshire’s Voice in Parliament February 19, 2007

Chris Leslie, Director, NLGN Yorkshire Post Jack Straw’s recent White Paper on House of Lords Reform adds another sheaf of possible ideas for breaking the century-long deadlock about how our national Parliament should be composed. Most members of the public understand that their MPs and Government Ministers in the House of Commons are ultimately the […]

Is 2007 the year to start sharing? February 14, 2007

Anthony Brand, Researcher, NLGN Public Sector Executive 2007 could prove to be either a difficult or exciting year for those involved with local government. The white paper offered glimpses of the devolution that has long been promised and Lyons could fundamentally change the way that local authorities raise and manage their finances. These are positive […]

A crucial year January 16, 2007

Chris Leslie, Director, NLGN SocietyGuardian.co.uk This year looks set to be a game of two halves for local government, most likely a feverish six-month wait for the summer’s Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR) and change of prime minister, followed by a torrent of reforms from Gordon Brown, determined to be seen to govern in a new […]