More Fireworks at the State Opening of Parliament? November 6, 2007

Chris Leslie, Director, NLGN The Yorkshire Post Just over 400 years ago Guy Fawkes tried to disrupt the King’s address to Parliament. We all know what happened then, and it is amazing how many traditions still remain to this day. This year’s Queen’s Speech will be enrobed in the ritual pomp and ceremony of high […]

Next Generation of Staffing for Local Public Services November 6, 2007

Chris Leslie and Nigel Keohane, NLGN Transformation Journal Local government faces a myriad of challenges over the next ten to fifteen years. However, few are more exacting than ensuring that it has the talented workforce able to meet these challenges successfully. Local authorities are currently the largest employment sector in England, providing work for 12.6% […]

Darling’s Decisions – the local impact November 1, 2007

Chris Leslie, Director, NLGN Public Servant Alastair Darling’s first appearance at the Despatch Box as Chancellor certainly caught the headline writers’ attention – not because of quips or especially memorable quotations – but because of the political implications of his announcements for the months ahead. For many working in frontline public services, the consequences of […]

Brown’s business model for public service delivery November 1, 2007

Chris Leslie, Director, NLGN Guardian Public Ever since becoming Prime Minister this summer, Gordon Brown hasn’t stopped running, dealing with crises and national emergencies, followed by the trickiness of the decision not to hold a General Election and the Spending Review hot on its heels. Most commentators agree that his decision to put off polling […]

Brown Governing Britain: a chance for localism? October 22, 2007

Chris Leslie, Director, New Local Government Network Parliamentary Monitor So what’s the verdict on Gordon Brown’s first hundred days as Prime Minister? Although some may say it is too early to tell, not least because of the Parliamentary recess over the summer, most commentators seem to be united in their praise for the new Prime […]

Local leadership makes the difference on waste October 1, 2007

Chris Leslie Flash flooding, eco-towns, political leaders clamouring for the green vote – climate change is at the heart of the news agenda and the centre of the policy contest. Within this, of course, the issue of waste remains a key battleground. In the local government world at least, we know that waste cannot […]

Regionalism redefined October 1, 2007

Chris Leslie, Director, New Local Government Network Public Servant It must have been one of the longest acronyms in Government review history; the SNREDR – otherwise known as the Sub-National Review of Economic Development and Regeneration, was launched to an unsuspecting public just before the summer Parliamentary recess. And while constitutional documents like this (for […]

Charging for Rubbish? September 25, 2007

Anthony Brand, Senior Researcher Westminster and Whitehall In the last few months the waste agenda has been pushed to the forefront of the national media. Increasing environmental awareness and the drive to cut carbon emissions have forced us to look more closely at the amount of waste we produce and the way in which it […]