Pressure is on to share and save January 8, 2007

Public Servant Anthony Brand, Researcher, NLGN Despite local government funding having increased by 39% in grant under Labour, pressure remains on local authorities to demonstrate clear efficiency savings. Next year’s eagerly awaited Comprehensive Spending Review will tighten their belt even further. Local authorities are increasingly expected to deliver more for less, beyond the £6.45billion savings […]

Don’t diss the districts January 4, 2007

Chris Lesie, Director, NLGN Guardian Public Shared services are currently one of the main topics of conversations across the public sector, particularly as local government looks to tighten its belt and deliver the savings expected by Gershon and CSR07. Yet the results of these ventures can be imprecise and variable, with relatively few clear cut […]

Efficiency Drive December 6, 2006

PPP Bulletin Anthony Brand, Researcher, NLGN NLGN’s Anthony Brand calls on the private sector to help increase authorities’ trust of shared services “Something must be done!” – the war cry of the British politician. In recent months it has been hollered increasingly in the direction of efficiency, cost savings and smarter procurement. This push has […]

When choice isn’t fair? November 18, 2006

Chris Leslie, Director, NLGN Inside Housing Recent years have seen a fundamental shift in the purpose of local authorities, from being direct providers of services, to institutions that facilitate and support others on territory over which they are now expected to offer ‘community leadership’. Of all the services ‘lost’, housing is perhaps the most well […]

Finance after Lyons November 15, 2006

Dick Sorabji, Deputy Director, NLGN LGC Act one of Labour’s devolution drama was the White Paper. Act two will be Lyons final report; especially the recommendations for reform of local government’s financial regime. Lyons has concealed his intentions behind a multitude of inquiries and suggestions. It raises the question of whether he is moving towards […]

Flexing our municipal muscle November 7, 2006

Chris Leslie, Director, NLGN House Magazine The publication of the local government White Paper marks a cautious but gradual shift in real decentralisation and devolution from central government. ‘Localism’ is apparently one of the few areas of consensus in Westminster, but there is a crucial difference between political leaders paying lip service to its aims […]

Mind the gaps in the white paper November 2, 2006

Dick Sorabji, Head of Policy and Research, NLGN Local Government Chronicle Despite publication just before the Lyons Inquiry and the resulting absence of essential answers on local funding, the white paper has more substance than expected. Stronger local leadership, joined up government and fewer targets are the biggest gains. But the omissions are just as […]

Does the White Paper pass the Litmus Test? October 30, 2006

Chris Leslie, Director, NLGN Public Finance So now we know. The Local Government White Paper has been published, and despite the gloomy predictions of vacuous content, it actually turns out to be a reasonably meaty document, presaging a great deal of praiseworthy policy. Sure, this is anything but the final word in local government reform, […]