End of the road April 1, 2005

Anna Randle, Head of Policy, NLGN Local Government Chronicle As I arrive in Birmingham for the third and final month of the Localism Project, I am feeling apprehensive. Yes, I have two months of researching localism in practice behind me, in West Sussex and Wakefield. I have adjusted to living in strange places, finding my […]

Borough’s bright ideas for efficiency April 1, 2005

Natalie Tarry, Research Officer, NLGN Municipal Journal Public Private Partnerships are a well-rehearsed topic in the local government world and nothing splits people’s opinions more than the involvement of the private sector in public service delivery. However, these partnerships have been around for a while and the world they exist in has changed somewhat since […]

Time to challenge councils that are living in the past March 25, 2005

Natalie Tarry, Research Officer, NLGN Public Servant Local government modernisation is an ongoing process with local authorities continually faced with new challenges. Many councils are responding imaginatively to the emerging agendas and have great stories to tell. They use partnerships to help them on their way and work closely with the private, public and voluntary […]

Out in the field March 25, 2005

Anna Randle, Head of Policy, NLGN Local Government Chronicle The localism odyssey continues. Fresh from a month researching localism on the frontline in West Sussex, I arrive in Wakefield for my second case study. I am rather looking forward to a month in Wakefield. After my experience in West Sussex, I am armed with more […]

The bicycle diaries March 18, 2005

Anna Randle, Head of Policy, NLGN Local Government Chronicle Have you ever tried to explain New Localism to a Turkish mini cab driver from South London at 6am on a Monday morning? Heading towards the south coast, loaded up with the kit needed to survive life in West Sussex for a month – bicycle included […]

What makes a PPP successful? March 18, 2005

Warren Hatter, Head of Research, NLGN and Stephen Reeve, University of Brighton PFI/PPP 2005 When the ink on the contract has dried, the real business of partnership delivery starts to take place. Most, if not all analyses of PFI/PPP projects focus on the run-up to contract completion, or stress either an essentially political opinion, or […]

Throroughly modern local government March 17, 2005

Natalie Tarry, Research Officer, NLGN Public Private Finance The modernisation and wider public service reform agenda continues to create challenges for most local authorities. From more responsive and personalised services to social and economic regeneration and community engagement. At the same time, government is seeking greater efficiencies, more value for money and better use of […]

How do we turn a city into a region? March 11, 2005

Gerry Stoker, NLGN Trustee and University of Manchester Local Government Chronicle When the option of a full-blown regional assembly in the North East was rejected last year it took the devolution debate in England back to square one. Did it open up space for the return off the idea of building a more strategic level […]