Throroughly modern local government March 17, 2005

Natalie Tarry, Research Officer, NLGN Public Private Finance The modernisation and wider public service reform agenda continues to create challenges for most local authorities. From more responsive and personalised services to social and economic regeneration and community engagement. At the same time, government is seeking greater efficiencies, more value for money and better use of […]

How do we turn a city into a region? March 11, 2005

Gerry Stoker, NLGN Trustee and University of Manchester Local Government Chronicle When the option of a full-blown regional assembly in the North East was rejected last year it took the devolution debate in England back to square one. Did it open up space for the return off the idea of building a more strategic level […]

Fast Forward March 10, 2005

Gerry Stoker, NLGN Trustee and University of Manchester Municipal Journal When it comes to the future of local government, two sets of issues arise. Those that need addressing immediately and those that, dealt with over time, could bring about a truly radical reform of our public services and governance mechanisms. The short term issues flow […]

Personal Services March 9, 2005

Natalie Tarry, Researcher, NLGN It is time to recognise that we can no longer avoid offering personalised and tailored services. ‘One-size-fits-all’ is widely recognised as a failure. Outcomes have certainly never been universal. Choice and personalisation are the new policy mantras and many hype these concepts as the panacea for all problems besetting public […]

No need to be afraid March 7, 2005

Emily Robinson, Researcher, NLGN The Regional Monitor There is something very off-putting about the concept of multi-level governance. Complexity can lead to a loss of accountability, transparency and control. If powers and responsibilities are divided between neighbourhood, local, sub-regional, regional, supra-regional and national tiers of government, then who can citizens depend on to solve their […]

Super-sizing the cities March 4, 2005

Gerry Stoker, NLGN Trustee & University of Manchester Public Finance The basic problem with the local government system in England is that not enough of us really care about what it does. The truth for most voters, most of the time, is that there is not much to care about. In absence of anything else […]

Getting the best out of partnerships March 1, 2005

Stephen Reeve, University of Brighton and Warren Hatter, Head of Research, NLGN Public Service Director Senior executives and operational managers are having to think more deeply about the dynamics of partnership as the public service economy moves toward a variety of partnering models. While aspects of the debate have been fuelled by deep-rooted principles for […]

Beyond Contract March 1, 2005

Warren Hatter, Head of Research, NLGN and Stephen Reeve, University of Brighton Local Government News Warren Hatter and Stephen Reeve argue that recent research reveals that a new type of manager has crept up on us unawares, along with the need to understand them and develop their specialist skills. Over the past few years at […]