Earned Autonomy July 23, 2005

Warren Hatter, Head of Research, NLGN First magazine Let’s face facts – two, to be precise. First, local authorities will have to earn their autonomy for the foreseeable future. We will make more progress by recognising this than by arguing for a new constitutional settlement to give local government sovereignty as of right. Second, ministers […]

Don’t run down a chance to build July 15, 2005

Warren Hatter, Head of Research, NLGN Public Servant An Englishman’s home, so they say, is his castle. One problem for local government is that so many local authority services are housed in ageing premises so unsuited to modern service delivery that they might as well be medieval castles. I am exaggerating, of course. But we […]

On reflection, all politics is local after all July 6, 2005

Ian Parker, Head of Strategic Communications, NLGN PR Week Having long adopted an ‘all politics is local’ take on life, the past few weeks have had me doubting my own hackneyed wisdom. Notwithstanding the global media dimension to last Saturday’s entertainment in Hyde Park, the issues at stake have appeared genuinely anything but local in […]

Support your local gunfighter July 6, 2005

Anna Randle, Head of Policy, NLGN The House Magazine Hard as it is to believe, there was a time around 2000-2001 when many people thought elected mayors were about to transform the governance of the UK’s major towns and cities. Supporters of the idea wrote about the deficit in leadership, vision and accountability that mayors […]

Evaluation Lessons July 1, 2005

Kiran Dhillon, Council Relationship Manager, NLGN Regeneration and Renewal BACKGROUND Project: Local Government Modernisation Agenda Period of Evaluation: 2002/03 – 2008/09 Evaluating Organisation: Centre for Local and Regional Government Research at Cardiff University Evaluation Commissioned by: Office of Deputy Prime Minster Aim and outline of project: The 1998 and 2001 White Papers introduced more than […]

New Localism on the march July 1, 2005

Anna Randle, Head of Policy, NLGN Local Council Review Town and parish councils could be forgiven for feeling like the poor cousin of their larger local government relations. Dependent upon the goodwill of counties and unitaries to enable them to play a direct role in delivering services, they are often too small, too diverse and […]

New Ways to Modernise July 1, 2005

Natalie Tarry, Research Officer, NLGN Public Service Director Modernisation continues to create challenges for most local authorities. More responsive, customer-focused services, better access, more personalisation and choice in service delivery, social and economic regeneration and community engagement are at the top of the policy agenda. At the same time, the Government is seeking greater efficiencies, […]

Forward Thinking June 30, 2005

Anna Randle, Head of Policy, NLGN Local Government Chronicle In his interview with LGC last week, David Miliband once again took the opportunity to affirm the Government’s commitment to the neighbourhood agenda. He argued it is encouraging that around 160 councils are introducing neighbourhood management, despite the fact that there are only 35 actual pathfinders. […]