Councils’ leaderships reveal Brexit’s negative impact on community cohesion January 29, 2019

Over half of local authority chiefs believe Brexit is having a negative impact on community cohesion, with many areas witnessing a rise in hate crime and division. Less than 2 per cent feel it is having a positive effect. 73 per cent of Labour councils feel Brexit is having a negative impact, compared to 35 […]

Survey reveals steep decline in council capacity to deliver social care October 25, 2018

The confidence of council leaderships in their capacity to deliver adult social care has declined by over 20 per cent in just eight months. Survey also found that 97 per cent are planning to raise council tax from March 2019 as a result of funding cuts and increasing demand. Almost half of councils say they […]

Most local authorities will only deliver the bare minimum in five years’ time August 9, 2018

Northamptonshire is just the beginning: most local authorities will only deliver the bare minimum in five years’ time Only one third of councils feel they will financially be able to provide discretionary services beyond 2023 and may cut back to the legal minimum. Communities are facing the loss of essential services – with libraries, parks […]

Council Chiefs Sound Alarm on Brexit March 5, 2018

Nationwide survey finds overwhelming majority of Council Leaders and Chief Executives think Brexit will damage local economies. Large majority also say they are receiving inadequate support from Government to plan for Brexit. Weaker local economies would lead to a lower ability to raise business rates – something that local services will increasingly come to rely […]

NLGN’s Changemaking Vision February 12, 2018

Central government must give councils maximum support in their efforts to create innovative, collaborative and confident workforces through culture change. Government’s obsession with structures in local government risks undermining the importance of changing organisational culture to save money, achieve high performance and secure impact Unless councils reject their dominant hierarchical culture, plans to innovate and […]

Working Together for more Homes December 11, 2017

Government should raise Housing Revenue Account for local authorities to tackle housing crisis By reconsidering the borrowing cap for local authorities and re-introducing the Affordable Homes Guarantee Scheme, councils and housing authorities could do more to tackle the housing crisis. The Government can improve affordability for all by building more homes for all tenures and […]

Reaching Out: Influencing the Wider Determinants of Health November 28, 2017

The Industrial Strategy must recognise the importance of public health in economic growth Government must acknowledge health as an economic asset that boosts workforce productivity Over 85% of senior public health officers surveyed1 found that economic development departments are not as engaged as they could be £65m should be invested in Health and Wellbeing Boards […]