NLGN's collection of essays for LGA conference 2013 July 2, 2013

We invited a selection of NLGN members to contribute their thinking. Deliberately we chose a question to focus the mind. To zero in on a single alteration that one could make to effect change. So this year, we’ve asked the best and brightest from the NLGN network to answer the question: ‘If you could change one thing in local government, what would it be and why?’.

If I could change one thing in local government…
If you missed…
June 6, 2013

NLGN’s welcomed local government leaders, executives and partner organisations to our Summer reception on Monday, hosted by Rt. Hon. Nick Raynsford MP on the Westminster terrace. Representatives from around the UK used the opportunity to meet MPs and Whitehall officials to gain clarity on aspects of the Government’s plans for the sector.

Towards a Healthy Democracy May 22, 2013

The return of public health to local government is probably the biggest single transfer of new responsibilities for decades. Many in the sector are justifiably excited by the change though analysts are already flagging emerging challenges. At this time of transition, NLGN presents a new essay collection of leading politicians from around the country reflecting on how they plan to approach their new duties.

Towards a Healthy Democracy
District councils must be in the vanguard of economic recovery March 7, 2013

District councils need to step into the role of place leaders if barriers to sustainable growth are to be overcome across the UK. NLGN’s new report, The Road Not Taken: New Ways of Working for District Councils, supported by the District Councils’ Network (DCN), argues that districts can be a central cog of local growth. […]

The Road Not Taken: New Ways of Working for District Councils
Councils, businesses and charities must work together December 10, 2012

A new report from NLGN and CBI reveals that conversations between councils and independent providers of public services are stuck in low gear. This creates a risk that councils will not be able to access the innovative new partnerships they need to manage growing demand, spending cuts and changing social needs. A plan for this […]

Commissioning Dialogues
Responding to the potential billion pound cut to local government funding November 22, 2012

In response to the LGA’s paper detailing how local government faces the possibility of a further funding reduction totaling £1bn, NLGN Director Simon Parker, said: “Ministers must stop treating local government like a piggy bank to be smashed open on a rainy day. There is only so much this sector can take without seriously compromising […]