Public health directors must loosen the purse strings to engage politicians December 12, 2013

This report looks at the challenges, difficulties and solutions that public health teams have experienced during, and since, the transfer. It also examines the extent to which public health has been integrated into local government and looks at whether the transfer and integration has had an impact on public health priorities and spending.

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Integration or Bust? What are the choices for health and social care? November 26, 2013

Today (Thursday 21st November) a discussion event with a difference was hosted by NLGN and PA Consulting Group. Dubbed “local government fight club”, the event was made up of three debates covering the most contentious questions in local government health and care provision: Integration, a national care service and achieving sustainability. The health and social […]

Integration or Bust? What are the choices for health and social care?
What will localism look like in 2015? September 17, 2013

In order to start a conversation between local and national leaders in advance of the manifesto writing process, NLGN have produced a collection of political essays from council leaders and influencers from all the main parties.

What will localism look like in 2015?
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Future Councillors: Where next for local politics? July 17, 2013

What will the councillors of the future look like? This paper starts with a short futures exercise which explores the styles of political leadership that are likely to emerge by the end of the decade as members grapple with challenges on a scale they have not seen before.

Future Councillors: Where next for local politics?
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Lessons from Local government's past July 3, 2013

This collection brings together four essays on the history of local government. Bermondsey, Birmingham, Liverpool and London provide the stage and politicians from each of the major political parties take leading roles.

Lessons from Local government’s past
NLGN's collection of essays for LGA conference 2013 July 2, 2013

We invited a selection of NLGN members to contribute their thinking. Deliberately we chose a question to focus the mind. To zero in on a single alteration that one could make to effect change. So this year, we’ve asked the best and brightest from the NLGN network to answer the question: ‘If you could change one thing in local government, what would it be and why?’.

If I could change one thing in local government…
If you missed…
June 6, 2013

NLGN’s welcomed local government leaders, executives and partner organisations to our Summer reception on Monday, hosted by Rt. Hon. Nick Raynsford MP on the Westminster terrace. Representatives from around the UK used the opportunity to meet MPs and Whitehall officials to gain clarity on aspects of the Government’s plans for the sector.