District councils must be in the vanguard of economic recovery March 7, 2013

District councils need to step into the role of place leaders if barriers to sustainable growth are to be overcome across the UK. NLGN’s new report, The Road Not Taken: New Ways of Working for District Councils, supported by the District Councils’ Network (DCN), argues that districts can be a central cog of local growth. […]

The Road Not Taken: New Ways of Working for District Councils
Councils, businesses and charities must work together December 10, 2012

A new report from NLGN and CBI reveals that conversations between councils and independent providers of public services are stuck in low gear. This creates a risk that councils will not be able to access the innovative new partnerships they need to manage growing demand, spending cuts and changing social needs. A plan for this […]

Commissioning Dialogues
Responding to the potential billion pound cut to local government funding November 22, 2012

In response to the LGA’s paper detailing how local government faces the possibility of a further funding reduction totaling £1bn, NLGN Director Simon Parker, said: “Ministers must stop treating local government like a piggy bank to be smashed open on a rainy day. There is only so much this sector can take without seriously compromising […]

Comment: Responding to the Police and Crime Commissioner elections November 16, 2012

In response to yesterday’s Police and Crime Commissioner elections NLGN’s Director Simon Parker said: “The new PCCs need to recognise that low turnout means low legitimacy. They can still make a positive difference, but they need to do so through partnership, openness and engagement with the public. There is no mandate for autocracy.” To receive […]

The Next Generation October 26, 2012

NLGN, with the support of Zurich Municipal, set out to investigate the risks to the next generation that the economic downturn has generated. While the immediate impact of the downturn is apparent, the implications in the medium term are far from clear: Will unemployment help to create a ‘lost generation’ of unemployable young people? Will […]

The Next Generation: The values, attitudes and behaviours of Britain’s future citizens