HEALTHY DIALOGUES Embedding health in local government

Authored by Dr Claire Mansfield

This report looks at the challenges, difficulties and solutions that public health teams have experienced during, and since, the transfer. It also examines the extent to which public health has been integrated into local government and looks at whether the transfer and integration has had an impact on public health priorities and spending.

GAMING THE CUTS AnyBorough in 2018
Gaming the Cuts: Anyborough in 2018

Authored by Joe Manning

A new report shows that Leisure and education services across the country face the axe as councils struggle to deliver cuts that could amount to 50% of their real terms spending power by 2018.

The Road Not Taken New Ways of Working for District Councils
The Road Not Taken: New Ways of Working for District Councils

Authored by Joe Manning

District councils need to step into the role of place leaders if barriers to sustainable growth are to be overcome across the UK. NLGN’s new report, supported by the District Councils’ Network (DCN), argues that districts can be a central cog of local growth.

Great Expectations The next steps for a new generation
Great Expectations: The next steps for a new generation

Authored by Dr Claire Mansfield

Young people face a widening ‘expectation gap’ as their dreams of a stable career, home and family become ever more unattainable, localism think tank NLGN warns today in its report Great Expectations: The Next Steps for a New Generation.

Commissioning Dialogues An NLGN report
Commissioning Dialogues

Authored by Adrian Harvey, Claire Mansfield and George McFarlane

A new report from NLGN and CBI reveals that conversations between councils and independent providers of public services are stuck in low gear. This creates a risk that councils will not be able to access the innovative new partnerships they need to manage growing demand, spending cuts and changing social needs.

More Light, More Power Reimagining public asset management
More Light, More Power: Reimagining public asset management

Authored by Joe Manning

<p>The Treasury’s limited view of the value of public assets is crippling local authorities’ ability to drive local growth and meet deficit targets. A new NLGN report, has found that failure to generate commercial returns from local government’s assets could cost £50bn in lost revenue over the next decade.</p>

Grow Your Own Skills and infrastructure for local economic growth
Grow Your Own: Skills and infrastructure for local economic growth

Authored by Joe Manning and Daria Kuznetsova

NLGNs new report urges councils to collaborate in setting up ‘Revolving Investment Funds’, which seek a commercial return from investments that drive local economic growth. By combining their borrowing power, councils can raise vitally needed finance to help make up the over £4bn drop in regional development funding since the election.

Retail Therapy Local capital finance and the retail bond market
Retail Therapy: Local capital finance and the retail bond market

Authored by Joe Sturge

New research from localism think tank NLGN, based on interviews with senior finance officials, shows that the flexibility of retail bonds and the fact that local residents can buy them are both significant attractions, provided those benefits do not cost more than wholesale debt.