Abigail Gilbert Researcher
Email: agilbert@nlgn.org.uk

Abby joined NLGN as a Researcher in January 2016, following a three month internship with us. She has a PhD from the Centre for Urban Policy Studies at the University of Manchester, where she also completed a Masters in Social Science Research Methods and Town Planning. Her doctoral research compared the effectiveness of sustainable development policies for housing under New Labour and Coalition Governments. She has contributed to various academic research collaborations, including two multi-institution EU wide projects on urban resilience to climate change, and a CRESC led evaluation of return on investment for a publically funded arts festival. She has worked independently as a thought leadership consultant to The Land Trust, and as a market researcher for the Fair Tax Mark where she reviewed tax policies of challenger banks.

Expertise and areas of interest

Housing markets and regulation
Devolution and public service innovation
Resilience of the community businesses market
Strategic management of public assets
Procurement and public policy
Digital Democracy and Smart Cities


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