Pawda Tjoa Senior Researcher

Pawda joined NLGN in July 2017 as a Senior Researcher. Previously, she worked as a researcher at Publica, a masterplanning consultancy, where she coordinated a housing research project which explored international best practice in housing renewal and collaborated on a number of projects on the subjects of play and creative industry. Pawda has experience working using a range of research methods, employing a mixed methodology. She has a keen interest in the subject of social and health inequality and the impact of policy on the built environment, and has extensive experience conducting quantitative and qualitative research on a wide range of subjects.

Pawda holds a PhD and MPhil in Architecture and Urban Studies from the University of Cambridge and a Bachelor of Architecture from Pennsylvania State University (USA). Her PhD research explored the relationship between political ideology and the urban public space, with Jakarta as a case study.

Expertise and areas of interes
Housing and homelessness
Social and health inequality
Creative Industry
Play in the public space
Urban Development
Public Health

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